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Electricare develops a mobile charging solution for electric vehicles.

The transition to electric vehicle requires electrical grid availability, designated parking spaces for charging and the constant attention of the driver to manage the vehicle battery status.

We came from the energy, cleantech and EV charging industries with a vision of enabling the evolution of the EV industry overcoming the electricity grid challenges throughout the world

Electricare mobile charger

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The challenge

With the increase in use of electric vehicles, a massive addition of public charging infrastructure is required.

Many drivers still avoid electric vehicles because they are concerned with issues related to charging of their vehicle.

Home renters, short term car renters, users of long-term parking lots and many more have limited or no access to private charging.

Mobile charging will allow the spread of the electric vehicle revolution.


Our proprietary EV chargers are modular, have flexible electrical capacity and are operated remotely and independently.
Stay tuned to learn more about our first Electricare mobile EV charger

Our chargers are ordered, operated and managed by our Electricare software, allowing us to offer various uses of our mobile chargers.

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